Hi! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a lover of stories – the visual, written and sometimes spoken kind. It all started back in my childhood – I could never fully express myself without putting pen to paper.

By the time I was 13, I started taking writing more seriously. I discovered that I not only had a very active imagination, but I was super passionate about putting down all my crazy thoughts; whether in the form of poetry, a short story or a movie script.

At 15, I had written my first movie script and from then on I began reciting and performing my poetry at corporate events, concerts and art exhibitions.  I’ve had the opportunity to write for a few local and international publications, one of which was The Guardian, where I had a lifestyle column.

Storytelling for me has always been less about the medium and more about the stories which is why I’ve pretty much played with almost all forms of storytelling.

I’ve been fortunate enough to develop visual and written stories for several global brands (still do). Let’s just say I’m obsessed with storytelling and what it does for the field of marketing. Ok, I’m done geeking out… I promise!

What’s my blog about? It’s a personal space I created to inspire and encourage others.

The lifestyle section is pretty much about my food and travel adventures while the art section is where I share bits and pieces of my writing/creative work and process.

In the inspiration section, you’ll find posts on living purposefully, faith (I’m a huge lover of Jesus Christ) and random notes from my journal that I hope you’re inspired by. I also take prayer requests, so feel free to hit me up with yours at any time.

I think I’ve said it all… well most of it. Happy reading!

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