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Our Love in Four Lines

Excited to share my brand new book with you! Our Love in Four Lines is my second baby and it feels good to release it into the world. Writing this book was definitely not an easy journey (lost half of the book and had to start all over – no joke) but I’m so thankful to God for giving me the strength to complete it.

What’s the book about?

‘Our Love in Four Lines’ is a window into the heart of a woman trying to make sense of a failed love story. The story, which is told through a collection of poems, paints a real and relatable picture of three major parts of every crumbling love story – The beginning: where she documents her observations about her love interest and tells the story of their meeting. The conflict/tension phase: where she delves deeper into the ugly aspects of the relationship and tries to find the strength to leave. And finally, the resolution: where she attempts to make peace with herself and prepare her heart to someday find love again.

Who is it for?

I wrote this book for anyone who is going through the process of healing from a heartbreak, rejection, or any painful emotional experience; but it’s honestly a collection of poems that everyone can enjoy or connect with and I hope that anyone who reads this book finds it helpful or just interesting.


Ps: You can get a copy of ‘Our Love in Four Lines’ on Amazon

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