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WORDS by Elizabeth Ole

I recently released a pretty little book titled WORDS!

The journey of creating this book began with a strong desire to share words of encouragement with the world. We live in a world where hate, negativity, and oppression (in various forms) have become the norm.

There’s no doubt that our world needs a little more love! We need more people who are committed to lifting others up – through simple acts of kindness, a smile or words.

WORDS is a collection of 50 heartfelt poems and 50 uplifting love notes that address 12 major things that every human being has experienced at some point in their lives. These poems and love notes touch on topics such as love, heartbreak, abuse, violence, depression, failure, fear, anxiety, body image, self-worth and so much more.

With this book, I wanted to express some of the deep-seated emotions that we have all experienced, and I did this through poetry. The love notes were written to remind us that we are not alone. We all go through hard times, we all have less than perfect lives, and we are all still in the process of figuring this thing called ‘life’ out.

Empathy creates room for kindness and kindness is what enables us to share hope and encouragement with one another.

This book is my little contribution to the cause. I truly hope that these words impact someone’s life in a positive way!


Ps: You can get a copy of WORDS on Amazon

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