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Affirming Yourself

We’re always waiting – waiting for others to tell us we matter, waiting for others to support us. Almost everyone has felt the need to be loved and belong. It’s so hard to go through life feeling like no one gets it or gets you; trust me I’m no stranger to that feeling but constantly seeking for other people’s approval will drain you. You need to tell yourself all the amazing things you wish others would say to you.

I always say this to myself – “You came to this world alone, so you’re responsible for yourself.” I think that’s such an important message to carry with you because a lot of the time we make our happiness and wellbeing the responsibility of others. Placing your happiness in the hands of others can be very tricky; nothing is promised and anything can happen.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve learnt the importance of making a home within myself. This means that I carry my happiness with me wherever I go, I don’t wait for ideal situations or external factors to determine how I feel about myself. You can’t keep waiting for anyone to affirm you. You can’t keep waiting for things in your life to change before you start to see your worth. You have to own your joy, own your happiness and even your weaknesses.

Stop waiting for others to make you feel good about yourself. Instead, speak positive words to them and you’ll be motivated by your own words.

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