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4 TEDx Talks That Will Change Your Life

Been watching a lot of TEDx Talks lately, so I thought I’d do a compilation of a few videos that I found really inspiring. Check them out below!


1. The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong


This literally brought me to tears! This video reminded me that life really doesn’t owe us anything. Be thankful for the good but also embrace the bad because every experience gives you a story to share with the world and that story could impact someone else’s life in a massive way.


2. The Person You Really Need to Marry


A lot of the time, we go through life searching for someone else to complete us and in doing that we ignore the most important person in the mix!


3. The Skill of Self Confidence


Confidence is a skill that anyone can build!  If you’ve ever felt like you were “just not born confident”, this video will make you re-think that idea.


4. Quit Social Media


This video is so timely for me because I’ve been trying to stay off social media for a couple of months. Although it may not be a 100% possible for me (I really wish it was) I think it’s SO necessary to unplug once in a while. I decided to take a break when I noticed that I was spending way too much time on social media (the endless scrolling struggle is so real).  It really can affect your focus/productivity levels if you’re not cautious. I definitely agree with a lot of the things Dr. Cal Newport pointed out in this video!

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