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Going At My Own Pace

Life is so beautiful when you go at your own pace. I’m learning to enjoy my journey. I’m learning to not to be in a hurry to achieve all the things on my goal sheet. Yes, that sense of urgency will always be there but I’m learning to be a little more patient with myself.

It’s easy to feel like you’re moving at a much slower pace than others, but you must remember that our paths and stories were never meant to be the same. No one can ever see life through your eyes; so it’s important to embrace your journey.

When you think about your journey, ask yourself this question – “What goals would I focus on if I wasn’t being pressured by anyone?”

You can limit stress by only focusing on what matters to you. Don’t get caught up trying to live a life that pleases any one (except God of course). Eventually, everything in your life will come together – so be patient with yourself.  As much as you can, enjoy every single day of your journey. Spend time with people that mean the world to you. Do more of the things that make you happy and always go at your own pace.

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