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Be Kind to Yourself

Life can be pretty challenging and with all the craziness it throws at us, we owe it to ourselves to create a positive mental/emotional space where our minds can thrive. I talked about practicing self-care in my previous post but I’d like to focus more on what being kind to yourself really means, particularly in the areas of relationships and career.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my personal experiences and situations that I’ve watched others around me go through. What I’ve come to realize is that how you treat yourself is closely related to the value you place on yourself.  When you value yourself, it’s easier to walk away from certain situations. When you value yourself, it becomes clear that you shouldn’t settle for anything – whether it’s a job or a relationship of any kind.

“Love yourself enough to walk away from any situation that is no longer favourable to you.”

I talk about this a lot but it truly breaks my heart to see people stay in jobs they’re not happy in. I know it can be difficult especially when you don’t have financial support from family or friends. True, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves but you really have to think about how long you’re going to let yourself remain a prisoner to that career you absolutely hate.

The same goes for relationships – sometimes, we let “friends” or “partners” manipulate us into thinking that the situation we’re in is the best we’re ever going to get; so we stay in unhealthy relationships for fear of not finding anyone better. If you’re being emotionally blackmailed into thinking that any unhealthy situation is normal or is only a temporary phase, now will be a great time to re-evaluate your relationship. It’s okay to accept another person’s weakness or endure tough times that you might face as a couple or as friends but you have to assess the situation to see if the battle you’re facing is actually between you and that person.

If you’re always mentally and physically drained by any friend or partner, then they’re probably bad for you. Being kind to yourself would mean stepping away without feeling like you’re obligated to stay in that relationship. It also means being totally honest with yourself about how you feel. There are a number of factors that expose the toxicity of any relationship but a huge one is constantly feeling burdened by that person’s actions. In such instances, you might try to ignore your feelings and move forward but you’ll only keep going around in circles.

Similarly, if you ignore the fact that your career path isn’t right for you, you may never actually move forward. Succeeding at anything takes boldness and readiness to move away from what you’re used to.

Never let anyone make you feel like you’re not deserving of all the amazing things you want. You can have that dream job or a beautiful and stress-free relationship, but you have to be the one to make that decision. Don’t doubt yourself – if you feel like you want better, then that’s exactly what you need to go after.  Don’t feel guilty about your choices. Don’t stay in a bad situation out of pity for the other person; they’ll do just fine without you.

Always remember that you are worthy of love, happiness and success! So, be kind to yourself.

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