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Faking It or Making It

Sharing random thoughts on success and other related topics… I hope it encourages you to embrace and enjoy YOUR journey to success.


On faking the grind

Has anyone else noticed how obsessed this generation is with the illusion of success? It doesn’t matter how well you’re actually doing; as long as your Snapchat/Instagram followers think you’re succeeding, then you’re good. I’ve written a post about the illusion of success vs. success before, but I think it’s so important to emphasize how flawed this mind-set is.

When you begin the journey to success, you need to realize that you have made a deliberate and personal decision to work hard. Don’t try to impress others by telling them how hard you work:

#AlwaysOnTheGrind, #TeamNoSleep, #TeamNoDaysOff, #WeDontStop, #WeMove, #WeDontSleep, #MeetingsMeetingsMeetings, #WorkFlow, #TeamHustleHard…  honestly, it’s exhausting!

No one asked you to chase your dreams or “hustle”, so why rub it in everyone’s face? We need to stop misleading others.

Everyone’s journey is different and you may not realize it but by being pretentious about your journey or how fast you’re progressing, you automatically put others under a lot of pressure. It’s okay to share how far you’ve come but it should never be about showing off, instead it should be about inspiring others to believe in themselves and pursue their own dreams.

I’ve also observed how a certain group of people (mostly entrepreneurs) try to make it seem like those who have 9-5 jobs lack the courage to follow their dreams. That mentality is completely wrong! We were all created differently, not everyone can be an entrepreneur or an artist and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What matters is finding fulfillment in whatever you choose to do and doing it to the best of your ability.


On faking authority

I have so much to say about this topic because it actually makes me REALLY sad! The most pretentious thing you can do is to fake authority in a field that you’ve barely mastered. If you have no business speaking about something, don’t do it! Take out time to learn and grow, don’t do it for anyone do it for you.

When you feel like you’ve learnt enough to impact others then feel free to share what you actually know. That way, more people will benefit from your journey. Be willing to teach and share but don’t neglect the growth it takes to be in a position of authority.  Don’t ask to speak at a conference, when you haven’t got any (quality) message to deliver. It’s not about looking knowledgeable, it’s about being knowledgeable. Be a learner and eventually you will become a master. If anything being a master is way too much responsibility, I’m perfectly happy with learning every single day of my life and sharing what I can confidentially say I know with others.


Defining success

I’ve always believed in living quietly, growing at your own pace, and defining success on your own terms. If everyone’s path is different, why should success have a collective definition? Growth is a process and as far as you’re willing to put in the work, you will get there eventually. Don’t look to others for validation. Define what success is to YOU and start working towards it.

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