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Covet-Worthy Workspaces for Creators

I’m constantly stalking Home Polish, West Elm and Apartment Therapy on Instagram. Can’t help myself, I’m so obsessed with pretty spaces. As a creative, the design of your work space is super important – you need to be in an environment that inspires you to create.

Creators work really long and odd hours, so comfort is everything (anyone else familiar with the back pain struggle). Choosing the right desk and chair combo will be one of the most critical decisions you will need to make when (re)decorating.

I’ve had to deal with a pretty desk being too low and the chair being too high, causing me to slouch; it even affected my productivity (the struggle was real).

It’s important to figure out what kind of space works for you, keeping in mind what you do and what your typical day is like. For instance, if you’re a video editor, writer or graphic designer, you’ll most likely sit for hours while getting your work done; so little accessories such as a comfy back pillow or a foot stool will be a great addition to your work space.

If you’re a photographer, fashion designer or YouTuber, you’ll probably need a less cosy and open work space that gives you more room to play with. Wall art, house plants and a cool rug will also come in handy on shoot days.

My favourite spot to work from will always be my bed but it’s definitely not advisable for everyone. Most people find it easier to stay motivated while working at their desk.

Not only does a pretty space make working more fun, it also aids creativity and increases productivity – why else do you think the world’s most innovative companies invest millions into designing great work spaces?


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