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Growing Pains

This week has been such a hectic and difficult one for me. I find that the more you grow, the more challenging life becomes. Just like in a video game, life gets harder with every level. Each new phase requires greater strength, greater patience and a whole lot more hard work. I’m happy to be learning through the struggle. No matter how difficult life gets, it’s always important to take a moment to breathe, remind yourself why you started on that journey and re-focus your energy on set goals. Even the most passionate people doubt themselves – the trick is to rise above that doubt. How? Praying a lot and affirming positive words (from the bible) always works for me.

It’s easier to stay down when you’re down, but you should always pray for strength to rise above the doubts. Never be too hard on yourself, we must always remember that this life is transitory and so nothing is worth killing yourself over. How will you know tomorrow will be better, if you don’t give yourself the chance to live for another day?

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