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The Devils in Your Head

I watched as your whispers became monsters

Lurking at every corner

Telling you where to go and what to do

Scaring you even on the calmest nights

Making you hear thunder when others heard a gentle breeze

You would often converse with these monsters

Reciting a helpless plea for freedom

This wasn’t the stuff childhood dreams where made of

Your reality was a living nightmare

In moments of quiet, you would often yell

In moments of laughter, you would often cry

Everything in your life was missing even your smile

That smile I used to know was lost years ago

Every bridge of love that connected me to you had been destroyed

You were a stranger in the home we had once known

You had made enemies out of friends and friends out of the enemies that lived inside of you

I watched you run in your sleep and walk away from your dreams

When you sang I heard pain from the place that promise once lived

There was no memory to hold on to because you forgot it all

By befriending monsters you became scary but yet full of fright

Your footsteps put a fear in my head but a fire in my heart

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for it’s the fire

I find strength in its symbolism

I find strength in knowing it keeps burning brighter

Maybe someday, it will scare the devils in your head.



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