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The Beauty of God

God is so amazing, He really is and I just want everyone to know this. The world is full of noise and distractions, so many events that make people forget what is truly important, so many things that make people forget the true meaning of happiness and living a rich life. My greatest achievement till date is realizing the beauty of living in Christ, opening my heart and letting Him transform it.

I’m not where I want to be and I struggle with maintaining a relationship with God every day. It’s a constant push and pull…. but each time I draw closer to God, He pulls me nearer and the joy and love I feel is incomparable. God can transform your life; He has all the answers, why would you want to do it alone? He can give you a real reason to live; one that is purposeful and filled with love. The best part is that you feel a sense of fulfillment when you keep walking in that path.

I want to encourage someone today to reach out to God, anyway you know how to. It could be a song, a simple prayer or just a word. He is ALWAYS listening.


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