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Value Yourself

I’ve always believed in the concept of being yourself or “doing you” as some people like to call it. We become the best version of ourselves when we truly embrace who we are and start living life on our own terms but sometimes it’s not always easy.

I’ve come to realize that valuing yourself is a conscious decision you have to make. Reminding yourself why you’re important and why your life matters without necessarily basing the answers on other people’s view of you or even your view of you (especially in light of your achievements) can be incredibly difficult.

How do you value yourself without looking to the things you’ve achieved or how other people view you?

I think that in order to discover your value, you have to figure out the purpose for which you were created. Think about it; if you base your value on what people think of you, what will happen when those perceptions suddenly change from positive to negative? Equally, if your value is based on your achievements, what will happen when you suddenly start to fail?

Certain situations will make you question your self-worth, but it’s important to remember that you were created for a reason. I’ve found that focusing on your purpose and helping others can really give your life meaning.

Never base your value on your mistakes, your achievements or how others view you – the fact that you exist alone means you are worth more than you can imagine!


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