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Embrace the moment

The past few months have taught me so much about time and how valuable it is. The realization that every single moment that passes will never be regained is mind boggling. It kind of makes you think about the past and the number of wasted seconds you will arrive at if you had to sum it all up – wow, the thought of that alone scares me!

Looking back, I can count a number of “wasted moments” – places I shouldn’t have gone, things I shouldn’t have done, people I shouldn’t have been around etcetera etcetera… but when I think of those “wasted moments” as a bunch of experiences, I somehow feel at peace again. Earlier today, I wrote a quote that said “Your experiences make up your story; so never regret any moment.” Truly, everything that happens in your life gives you a story to tell and a lesson to learn. We have the power to turn those experiences into life lessons, and I think that’s really what determines success or failure.

Have you ever experienced a moment so special that makes you wish you could freeze time? I know I have. Just realized that there’s never going to be a 13th of July, 2016 ever again; I’m never going to be sitting here at 1AM, writing this same piece ever again! Knowing how rare each moment is makes it even more special. What am I trying to say? Learn to embrace it all! Enjoy every moment, the good, the bad, the happy and sad. We talk about living life without regrets all the time, but very rarely do we embrace all our life experiences.

Life is way too short to not do the things you love or spend time with the people you love. Don’t wait till it’s too late to realize that. Remember that every moment counts, so start living!

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