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There’s something so inspiring about being outdoors and exploring the world around you. I’ve always loved nature and appreciated the power in its beauty. I find that taking in bits and pieces of nature is so therapeutic for me. Maybe it’s because every fragment of nature reminds me of God’s existence and that reminder fuels my passion to live and take control of my environment.

I spent the day wandering in my garden, taking photos and reflecting. Never realized how obsessed I was with butterflies, I spent most of my time chasing after them and attempting to freeze a moment with even one of them in a photo. There’s a carefree spirit butterflies carry with them, it almost seems like they’re unaware of everything that surrounds them, except the things they consciously choose to be aware of – like the flowers and trees.

I love the way they bask in their beauty with a certain quietness and grace; it makes each still moment with them a joy to watch. This isn’t a post about butterflies but the lessons I learned from just being around them and nature in general. The difference between humans and other fragments of nature is while both exist, humans are the most disappointing creatures when it comes to living. A little harsh, I know but I’ll tell you why.

Very rarely do we open ourselves up to new experiences, or wander, or get lost in our surroundings (I mean let ourselves go). We spend most of our time trying to survive that we forget to live. We stay in jobs and relationships we hate for fear of the unknown, we fail to take risks, and spend most of lives trying to be validated by others. We drain ourselves by trying to keep up with an idea of who we should be instead of discovering who we really are.

Life was made for living and here’s what living truly means….

  • Expressing yourself and not being ashamed to be who you are
  • Living your dreams and walking towards a purpose (most times it’s usually not for you alone but something that would benefit the world in some way)
  • Not being afraid to explore your surroundings or the world around you/stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Not putting yourself in a box but believing you can do anything you want to do
  • Embracing your individuality and beauty like a butterfly

The greatest lesson learned from being around nature is – “Don’t just exist, live! There’s a whole world out there to discover.”

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