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Solace in Solitude

I collaborated with photographer, Nkem Mere on this visual story titled Solace in Solitude. The photos and poem tell the story of a person desperately seeking for relief and comfort, which can only be found when he is left alone with his thoughts.

Photography By Nkem Mere
Title & Poetry By Elizabeth Ole

When I’m alone, I see reason.

I commune with him and listen as his words feed me with mental vigour, to make sense of the world.

I bare my soul and being, waiting for him to judge my sins and my skin.

Instead, he shields me from myself, promising to send the world a message;

Saying that no matter what it gives me, he will be here;

Waiting for me to arrive, waiting, till all I’m surrounded by is my shadow.

Then he’ll whisper and tell me that I can lay my head, speak freely and dance naked without shame here.

“This is home”, he’ll say – “This is the place I come alive the most.”


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