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A Writer’s Journey

I caught a glimpse of one of my old books titled ‘The Writer’s Journey’ and I was inspired to start writing this. In this book, Christopher Vogler explores the relationship between storytelling and mythology – completely unrelated to what I’m about to share but I’m glad it inspired me to tell bits of my story.

Writing on like any other dream is a unique journey of the mind. Most of the time you’re either trying to escape reality through imagination or taking your mind back to relive a memory – you’re constantly in need of inspiration to “time travel”!

The frantic search for inspiration puts you in the face of fear. It creeps up on you and challenges you to do the one thing a lot of writers like me are afraid to do: exploit your emotions and bare yourself to the world. Don’t get me wrong, exploiting your emotions could help a writer strike gold and make instant magic.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of poetry and even fiction have been based on raw emotions, heart wrenching experiences, feelings buried and resurrected, in the hope that they would once again be eternally buried, with only scars left to tell the story of your healing heart.

Sometimes it’s tough deciding if you should bottle up your emotions or display them on a canvas for the world to see. It’s even harder talking about something you would rather leave unsaid. You see yourself slowly becoming your own antagonist – feeding off your failure and heartbreak; and the moment you let go is the moment you literally lose the plot. So all you can do is take advantage of the pain to tell a story and live the dream.

With all that said, you might ask why we go on? When do we stop self-exploiting? Never! The beauty of writing or storytelling is in impacting, educating or sharing. The more you bare, the greater the power of your stories to touch someone and sometimes help them heal. Writing can be therapeutic not only for the reader but for the writer. It’s not until you let go of the negative energy that you can move forward and progress in this journey called life.

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